Kinsley Armelle Jewelry Inspiration

Do you love jewelry? I have to say that I am more of an avid jewelry shopper then clothing . You can have a basic outfit, but it’s those amazing accessories that can step it up a notch!  This is what I love about the Kinsley Armelle jewelry brand . They feature affordable stunning bracelets, necklaces and earrings with semi precious stones, geodes and druzy accents. They come in gold, rose gold and silver tones. It’s fresh, modern and has a boho vibe to it. Kinsley Armelle is famous for their incredible collection of stacking bracelets. The more, the better! I get stopped everywhere and asked about my stacking bracelets. The best part is that they are totally affordable and you can score 15% off your order with my coupon code EVRANROSE15.

My favourite section on the site is the bracelet Stacks. You can purchase a set of stacking bracelets and save a few bucks HERE.

Here is some inspiration…photos from various KA brand ambassadors. Keep scrolling down to the bottom:-)  Enjoy!

Interested in becoming a brand ambassador too? Send me a note at and I will tell you how. If you are social media savvy then you are already ahead of the game!



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