The Sophisticated Jogger

This post comes courtesy of a conversation I had with my husband. I had on my Aritzia Los Feliz sophisticated joggers and he asked “What’s up with those pants?”.

I told him that the sophisticated jogger has been all the rage in women’s pants for the last couple years and he said “Well I’m a guy, how would I know?”.  So for those of you who are not in the know, you need to get yourself a pair now! The sophisticated jogger is a work and “night out” friendly option of a jogging pant that is made in some sort of fabric that is more flowy then sweat pants material. They usually have an elastic waist ( thank god) and are very comfortable. You can dress them up or wear them more casual. They are a very acceptable work place option now too. Throw them on with a nice blouse and some heels and you are good to go! Who says you can’t live in your joggers now!?

A couple other great jogger options at an affordable price are the ones’s from Dynamite Clothing here: ( around $40 price point)


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