Maison De Morgana Jewelry Review

I happened to stumble across this jewelry line a couple years ago on Pinterest when I was searching for some geometric stud earrings.  As I mentioned in another post, I am very fond of brass, bronze or antique gold and Maison de Morgana (MDM) fit the bill. MDM might not exactly be classified as a indie brand, perhaps more of a designer jewelry brand. Nevertheless, it’s a company that is on my radar and I often find myself gravitating towards edgier pieces lately.Her designs quite honestly are like nothing I’ve ever seen before. Each one is a conversation piece. I am constantly stopped everywhere I go as people are asking me about my unique jewelry and where I got it.

Source : purchased by myself and I put one piece on my anniversary list every year for the hubby to get me. * Unfortunately, it appears that Maison De Morgana has closed since I wrote the article, bit I still want to pay tribute to her beautiful designs.

Description: ( as per the Maison de Morgana website)

Morgana  draws her inspiration from an eclectic variety of sources. From the neo-gothic, macabre aesthetic of Coppola’s Dracula to the avant-garde couture of Riccardo Tisci and Alexander McQueen, from the wild romanticism of her early life in the Deep South to her namesake, the supernatural Arthurian sorceress Morgana La Fey, Morgana vast influences are reflected in this stunningly original debut collection.

Handcrafted in downtown Los Angeles, Black Magik 2012,  features rings, bracelets, earrings and necklaces made exclusively of high-quality brass and white bronze.

“Quality is paramount for me,” says Morgana, “It’s not enough for my jewelry to be beautiful and unique, I want it to hold its value. In 20 years, I want women to still be wearing the jewelry they buy today.” It is this “nouveau-vintage” approach to craftsmanship that is at the heart of Maison de Morgana’s production.

Morgana lives and manufactures locally in Los Angeles. Her designs carry the promise of being coveted antiquities for future generations.


Review:  MDM offers 2 collections a year ( Spring/Summer & Fall/Winter) and every now and again there will be a capsule collection releasing some new pieces. My first purchase was the Cleopatra Trinity ring in antique brass and turquoise. I was looking to add a little pop of color to my wardrobe and find something that was turquoise to compliment a few boho style blouses I had. The Cleopatra ring features 3 pyramid shaped stones set in antique brass or antique white bronze if you prefer silver jewelry. The centre stone is slightly larger then the 2 outer stones. I found the quality to be impeccable and after a year of wearing this ring daily and washing my hands often ( I know I should take my rings off, but I don’t always do this), the stones have stayed secured and intact. This ring is available in several other stones such as white cat’s eye ( this one is on my wish list), black onyx, rose cat’s eye and yellow cat’s eye. I am very pleased with my purchase and agree with Morgana’s statement that I will be indeed wearing this stunning high quality ring in 20 years.

Final Thoughts: Love Love Love! This ring is one of my most prized possessions. I often pair it up on the same hand with my brass spine ring from CSFootprints. I will be back for the white cat’s eye stone version soon.

Product Photo: ( from the MDM website)




  • The First Seduction, The Tempting Hand of Eve Holding The Serpent
  • Available in Antique Brass or Antique White Bronze
  • Necklace Measures Approx. 24″
  • Lobster Clasp

Review : Described as “The first seduction, the tempting hand of Eve holding the serpent” this is one of MDM’s more edgier, gothic pieces. Once again, I purchased this necklace in the Antique Brass. The pendant which features a open faced hand with a serpent coiled around it, is solid with fine detailing. It was heavier then I expected and extremely high quality.

Final Thoughts: Love it!! In fact I adore this! I wear this all the time and it’s become my lucky charm necklace. I did have one friend tell me it was “creepy”… but that’s ok, I’m down with that.

Product Photo : ( from the MDM website)




  • Four gemstone pyramids float on mesh chain, equally Ancient Egypt and Rock and Roll
  • Available in Turquoise, Tigers Eye, Yellow Cat’s Eye, White Cat’s Eye, Rose Cat’s Eye, & Black Onyx
  • Available in Antique Brass
  • Bracelet Measures Approx. 7″
  • Lobster Clasp

Review: This is pure gorgeous! I want this in every color. I layer it with a few other MDM bracelets I own. You can see them in my Instagram feed.

Product Photo : ( from the MDM website)


4. STAR RING $87


  • 12 point 3 dimensional star ring
  • Available in Antique Brass or Antique White Bronze


Review: Ok, how cool is this ring??!! It’s a statement for sure and definitely has WOW factor. It’s got 7 spike and is 3 dimentional.

Final Thoughts: This ring was a win with me. I just had to have it.

Product Photo : ( from the MDM website)




  • Sickle Moon Pendant etched with stars set with nine black spinel faceted gemstones
  • Available in Antique Brass or Antique White Bronze
  • Necklace Measures Approx. 17″
  • Pendant Measures Approx. 1 1/4″
  • Lobster Clasp

Review: This necklace is a staple in my wardrobe. I often using it as a layering piece with a longer MDM necklace such as my Totem Prayer Necklace or my Eve’s Hand Necklace. The workmanship is incredible on this piece and it has 9 little black faceted stones in the shape of stars. MDM never let’s you down and each piece always has some unusual detailing or shape to it that makes it stand out. This necklace was also featured on the television program Sons of Anarchy worn by the character Tara.

Product Photo : ( from the MDM website)




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