Magenta’s Blood Perfume Review

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So excited to be reviewing these perfume oils that came all the way from beautiful Spain! My sister gave me these oils to sample and review as she loves them…. and I am also hooked! The price points are fantastic for such high quality oils.

As per their Etsy Shop, Magenta’s Blood fragrances are Horror and Erotic inspired fine fragrances. These perfume oils are bottled in 10ml amber glass roll-on bottles and arrived in a pretty black organza gift bag. I personally prefer the roll-on over the apothecary style bottles as they are easier to apply with the roller ball and I don’t need to wash my hands after applying like I do with the other style bottles. I was so happy about these bottles! These lovely oils have a gothic spin to them and with Halloween coming soon, I am totally ready to explore my darker side fragrance-wise.

The ingredients used are  Jojoba Oil, Fractionated Coconut Oil, Sweet Almond and Vit. E., high quality fragrance and essential oils.

Let’s begin our review…

Product Photos: taken by La Petite Bohéme


1.THE SEA WOLF $13.70

Description: “The Sea Wolf” perfume in oil is unisex. Head notes: rum liqueur, Amaretto, licorice, sweet cinnamon, black pepper, Patchouli.

Based on the novel by Jack London, perfume would lead the footballer Wolf Larsen crossing the seas. ..

Review: Upon opening the bottle and taking the first whiff, this is a sweet and spicy fragrance. I applied it to my wrists and neck and in the first few minutes I get a good throw of liquorice, cinnamon and black pepper with a sweet boozy scent lingering in the background. This is a unisex fragrance but oh my, it would smell so amazing on a man. Ladies, take note….if you need a great fragrance for your man this coming Christmas, this could be the one. At about the 1 hour point, the spices have settled down and the patchouli and liqueurs start to really shine. The Amaretto adds a gorgeous sweet note to this fragrance that ties everything together so beautifully. This is a very well blended fragrance, all the notes are in unison together. I admit, the notes are not something I would usually gravite to, but Magenta’s Blood must use some sort of sorcery because I find this scent addictive and totally intoxicating, I just can’t get enough. Silliage was amazing on this one, I applied at 7 am and could still smell it by 4 pm.

Final Thoughts: Love this so much, really unique and I might need to buy one for my man!

2. DARK HEART $13.70

Description: Perfume oil “Dark Heart”. Head notes: cocoa, sandalwood, blueberries, amber, black musk, jasmine of Madagascar. Gothic perfume with a heart of black cocoa and cranberries, paving the way for a tender Jasmine sandalwood and amber.

Review: Ahhhh, what woman doesn’t like chocolate? Dark Heart opens with a rich decadent cocoa note that smells so yummy. Within a minute I start to get teases of the berry notes poking through, predominatley the blueberry and then a gorgeous soft jasmine note makes it appearance. This fragrance has it all and continuously morphs on my skin over the first hour. I am enjoying the sweetness of cocoa mixed with fruits, florals with a very sensual sandalwood base that grows stronger near the dry down. The amber and musk note comes and goes while this powerful fragrance morphs on my skin. The musk is really sexy smelling and adds a bit of a animalistic element to the fragrance which makes this sweet concotion quite alluring and sexy. Great throw to it,  I could still smell the musk and amber base at the 8 hour point.

Final Thoughts: I really liked this one. It wasn’t my favorite of the 3, but still a unique and perfectly blended fragrance.

3. LOST SOULS $13.70

Description: Perfume oil, 10 thousand. “Lost Souls?” Head notes: violet, jasmine, Gardenia, laudanum.
Perfume based on the book about vampires from Poppy Z.Brite. Dense, bucolic, perfume blend of violets scented of laudanum. .. a poison for the senses that will hook you as do the characters in this fascinating book.

Review: From the bottle, this is a beautiful, feminine floral fragrance. I applied this to my wrist and neck and I must say, it’s just so pretty and totally sexy! It must be the jasmine, but these florals are lush and in full bloom. It reminds me of taking a walk through a fresh flower garden in the deep south. The gardenia and violets are really starting to develop and shine at about the 15 minute mark and there is almost a little bit of a soft powdery note teasing these florals. If you are a floral fragrance lover, this would be a great choice for you. The dry down has a sweet, almost creamy base of Laudanum that has me huffing at my wrists. It’s not too sweet, but just enough to compliment the floral notes. I could see this being a great fragrance for a date night or the perfect gift for someone who loves the deep, sexy floral fragrances. Once again, Magenta’s Blood has expertly blended this fragrance as everything is well-balanced and smells heavenly! This one also had great throw, lasted about 7 hours only skin.

Final Thoughts: Feminine, floral and damn sexy! Love this one! I might not give it back to my sister!!! This was my favourite of the 3 I tried. I am excited to try more from Magenta’s Blood!

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