Solstice Scents Perfume Review

I first heard about Solstice Scents on reddit when I was searching for some perfume oil recommendations for Fall last year. This company had amazing reviews and I felt I couldn’t pass them up! The coolest thing about this shop is the incredibly clever imagination of the owner who invented an entire fictional town ( map included) called Foxcroft to base some of her perfumes on. Ok, how cool is that????

As per their website, Solstice Scents offers an array of unique and intriguing fragrances for both Men and Women. These 5 ml perfumes arrived safely with no leaks and came in beautiful boxes ( see my photos). These bottles are also roll-on  type bottles which I really liked and can easily throw in my makeup bag or purse. Quality is 100% there with these oils. Special attention has been taken by the owner to give you a quality product. They look, feel and smell expensive. Upon trying these perfume oils, I could tell that the ingredients were of high quality.
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Let’s begin our review…


Amber, Frankincense, Sweet Incense Smoke, Dried Rose Petals, Sandalwood, Vetiver, Woods, Oud, Vanilla

Source: purchased from Solstice Scents website

Description: An altar cloth is infused with year’s of burning resin smoke, steeped in an amber-heavy blend with extra sandalwood EO, vetiver, sweet incense smoke, dried rose petals, woods, soft oud, a hint of vanilla and a medley of spices. It is completely from scratch and does not use the original Conjure perfume as its base with additional notes on top. It is darker, deeper and much less sweet with tons of frankincense resins. The frankincense smells just like burning a blend of frankincense and copal resins in the EDP. Frankincense essential oil has a brighter odor with a hint of astringency and medicinal notes out of the bottle. The scent of burning resins is completely different. It’s very obvious in the EDP so if you’re a frankincense nut, it really shines for the first hour of wear. It is detectable in the oil but everything smells a little creamier in the oil format. In both versions, the dry down is similar: deep amber base with the other notes swirling through. You may notice a hint of different notes each time you smell it. You may detect a whiff of spices, or dried rose petals, incense, sweet smoke or an earthy amber/vetiver blend. It shares similar notes and character with the original Conjure but it is definitely its own blend.

Review:  Upon opening the bottle and taking my first whiff, the darkness and earthiness of the frankincense and vetiver are certainly the top notes, but as I apply this oil to my wrists it morphs into all kinds of deep, dark sexy notes. Within the first few minutes, the evocative notes of the dried rose petals and swirls of smoke start to appear. This is very head shop to me, but a sexy, alluring almost gypsy-like scent. It’s mystical, I almost envision it smelling like the room in which a clairvoyant gypsy would be fortune-telling with her crystal ball. Soon the rich notes of vanilla and amber explode and envelope the other notes in such a gorgeous way. It’s pure sweet dark incense. This is a scent I will likely wear in the Fall and I have to say, people either love it or hate it. Some of my friends tell me I stink like incense and others tell me I smell damn good. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and perfume is uniquely subjective to each person.  I absolutely love this scent. It’s got an addictive quality to it as I can’t stop smelling my wrist. I feel like a mysterious dark princess.

Final Thoughts: Incredible! Love it! Looking for that sexy intense incense type scent, this is it! Would purchase again in a heart beat.

Product Photos: taken by La Petite Bohéme



Description: Red Musk, Dragon’s Blood Resin, Burning Wood, Somalian Myrrh & Egyptian Musk.

Review:  I purchased this fragrance last Fall as it’s only offered seasonally.I actually had to wear Gehenna for 2 days straight as I found it hard to describe as it kept morphing on me which is pretty cool. I kept my little notebook in my purse and kept writing down little notes. Upon opening the bottle and taking my first whiff, I instantly get a kick of powdery Dragon’s Blood. I applied some of this oil to my wrists and neck and within a minute, it quickly morphs into a very animatistic musk on me. A couple of minutes late ,this scent really develops and blooms. The Dragon’s Blood settles down and and I start to get a smokey incense that is blending beautifully with the floral/powdery scent of the Dragon’s Blood in the background. The final dry down a few hours later is a soft musky scent with teases of sweetness which might come from the Myrrh resin.  Overall, this is a very mysterious and sensual fragrance in which I found the musk and smoke to be the most prominent notes on my skin. There is also a vintage type quality to this, like opening a magic potion that has been sitting in a witches den for centuries. Well done Solstice Scents!

Final Thoughts: Exquisitely blended! I like this one very much. I don’t love it as much as Conjure Dark and I probably would not repurchase. I do know I will enjoy using up the bottle in the Fall.

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