OHWTO Perfume Oil Review

What does OHWTO stand for? One Hand Washes the Other. This company first caught my attention on Etsy when I was searching for some perfume oils to try and stumbled across this wacky listing for a perfume oil called Nic Cage Raking Leaves On A Brisk October Afternoon! This listing certainly caught my attention and I started to peruse all of OHWTO’s listing. The owner Becca is from South Carolina, USA. I had to laugh as the only thing written in her profile was “Don’t smell like a jerk!”. She had me at jerk. I’m in, nothing could stop me now from making a purchase.I spent a couple of hours reading all the descriptions of her scents as she was so clever and funny, I love this about OHWTO. The perfume names are also really funny like Hayrides & Hunks, Consulting Criminal ( Johnny Depp in the pic) and This is Not for You.

Anyways, I must have been in a dark mood the day I made my purchase as I selected Exhume and Venom as I was looking for something deep, mysterious… almost head shop. Both of these fragrances have incense notes in it so that says something about my mood for sure. OHWTO uses a base of jojoba and fractionated coconut oil as their perfume base and all full size fragrances arrive in a 5 ml amber apothecary bottle with phenolic cap.

As per their Etsy Shop, OHWTO offers Decadent, Vegan, Bath & Body. There are categories in her shop for soaps, hair & body, perfume oils, solid perfume & home goodies.

***Check out our Where To Buy section at the bottom of the review.

Let’s begin our review…

Source: purchased off Etsy


Description:  Church incense, White spices, nutmeg, cardamom… Peru Balsam, Vanilla, Tonka Bean, Sugar… and a lone white rose laid across your hands to carry you into eternity.

Review: Upon opening the bottle and taking a whiff and I get a soft almost vintage rose scent with sugary undertones to it. I apply some to my writs and the rose certainly comes out a bit stronger and is now enveloped by sweet sugar and vanilla notes. The rose is not the stinky old lady type of rose perfume, but an almost old vintage rose scent that reminds me of dried roses or potpourri. In about an hour some light spices such as the nutmeg start to appear and the cardamom is starting to shine. I love cardamom in fragrance and this is a nice subdued spice scent. On the dry down, about 2 hours into applying this scent the church incense starts to develop and is reminiscent of spiritual frankincense and myrrh that is typical in church ceremonies. Overall, this is a very well blended fragrance and the notes all work beautifully together.

Final Thoughts: I like this, but I don’t love it. I don’t see myself purchasing this one again, but it you enjoy sweet rose fragrances, this one would be for you. Once again, this is not a yucky granny rose, it’s beautifully blended , I’m just not a sweet rose fan. This one also had decent throw and I could still smell the rose notes at about the 5 hour mark. Soft and pretty!

Product Photo: ( taken by La Petite Bohéme)



Description: Sweet, sweet poison. Cyanide-spiked Amaretto, vanilla’d woods, a smoldering cone of heady floral incense, and spite. Mostly, spite.

Review: When I open the bottle and take the first whiff, I instantly get a nice warm vanilla surrounded by incense notes. I’m in love. I am pretty good at knowing from the get go what I am going to like or dislike and this one is fab! After dabbing some on my wrists, the vanilla quickly morphs into  the most delicious Amaretto, it’s sooooo good. The Amaretto is not over powering but it’s warm and almost creamy with the vanilla. At about the 5 minute mark the smouldering cone of incense makes it appearance and meshes with the Vanilla/Amaretto which creates the most delicious wrist huffing scent. I can’t stop smelling my wrists, I just love this. It is sweet poison indeed and there is almost a tiny little powdery spice note ( if that makes sense?) lingering in the background although there is no spice in the description.. so I am guessing this is the spite. This scent in my opinion is damn sexy, boozy and addictive. The silliage wasn’t too bad either, it lasted about 4-5 hours before it started to fade. This is a more elegant scent in my opinion over total head shop type scent. Perfect, just perfect.

Final Thoughts: Love it! I will need more of this sweet poison when the bottle is done. Might go down as one of the best perfume oils I have tried yet.

Product Photo: ( taken by La Petite Bohéme)


Where to Buy:

Etsy Shop


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