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I love trying skin care products and indie cosmetics that take on a natural approach and I am so happy to be review this natural foundation by Pronounce Skin Care! I would have to say natural skin care and cosmetics is always something I am on the hunt for. I’ve been meaning to try this product for the longest time after reading all the wonderful reviews about it and the incredible posts on the Scratch Mommy blog. They actually even post the recipe for this foundation if you are a DIY’er. All the ingredients are certified organic so how can it get any better?! Pronounce offers a great selection of skin care products such as mineral powder ( to apply over the foundation if you wish), facial toners, moisturizers, body butters, scrubs and facial mists. They even have some products for men. If you love reading about natural products and DIY recipes, I highly recommend checking out the Scratch Mommy Blog where it all started. She has a huge following!

As per their website, formerly known as Scratch Mommy Organic Skincare, Founder Jess wanted to rebrand her handcrafted skin care line to represent things that matter most to her, including the ability to actually *pronounce* the quality ingredients in your skincare products; hence the new name, Pronounce!

I really like this, when you look at all the chemicals that go into commercial cosmetics, it’s nice to know that you are not putting any yuckies into your body!

***Check out our Where To Buy section at the bottom of the review.

Let’s begin our review…


Source: purchased from the Pronounce website.

Description: As per their website, this facial foundation is incredibly healthy for any skin type and helps nourish your skin while beautifying it. It is actually a moisturizer, provides SPF protection, and gives your face great light coverage…it’s an all in one!

***Pronounce Facial Foundation is a thicker consistency than you are used to applying, but feels beautiful once spread lightly onto your skin. I prefer using a *clean* triangle sponge for even application. You will dig in and scoop out a small amount of your ‘more solid’ foundation, hold it gently onto your skin where it will soften and melt, and then smooth right in for the healthy, light coverage you desire.

***Pronounce Facial Foundation does NOT go on in a thick layer (like a pancake foundation that offers full, heavy, & thick coverage); it is thin and light in coverage. It sets the perfect base for your favorite powder, which will set and finish your new nourishing and moisturizing foundation nicely. It takes a few short minutes to soak into your face, but when it does you’ll have a light, skin-tone evening coverage that is incredibly healthy for your skin.

***Again, if you are looking for a full coverage facial foundation to cover many blemishes, this is NOT it. Pronounce Facial Foundation is a light coverage foundation that is healthy for your skin…no crazy & unnecessary toxins…but certainly does provide light, effective, & even coverage that optimizes your already natural elements of beauty.

Ingredients: Almond Oil, Shea Butter, Beeswax, Cocoa Butter, Zinc Oxide, Cacao Powder, Vitamin E, & Cinnamon.

Shades Available: 

*Light Foundation– Very fair skin complexion
*Medium Foundation- Medium tanned skin complexion
*Dark- Very dark &/or quite tanned skin complexion

Review: Upon opening the jar which is a good sized glass 1 oz jar, the smell captures my attention right away. I can smell the cocoa butter and cinnamon and it’s almost a bit chocolatey and nutty, but in a very good way. The texture of the product is a whipped body butter type consistency that is naturally a little grainy from the shea butter but dissolves immediately upon contact with your body heat. The foundation is available in 3 shades, Light, Medium and Dark ( see above). I selected the Medium as although I am pale, I do have some pink and yellow tones to my skin and Medium is apparently the most common shade according to the site and reviews. It is also available in 2 sizes, a 1 oz jar and 2.3 oz jar. I used a cosmetic sponge to apply my foundation as I thought it would blend more evenly this way. Ahhhh, that smell, so good. It does fade quickly which is actually a good thing as I do enjoy it but might not want to smell it all day long. The foundation becomes creamy and easy to blend upon contact with my skin and was simple to apply. It did take about 1 minute to soak up into my skin. The texture is very smooth and even and I have a youthful dewy glow which I like. The finish becomes matte and non-greasy. As stated by Pronounce, this foundation is a sheer coverage and does not have a ton of pigment in it for those seeking a full coverage foundation. I’ll be honest, there are days when I do need a full coverage foundation, we all get redness, blemishes etc..but this foundation does a great job evening out my skin tone and giving me a nice light natural finish. This is something that I will enjoy wearing during the summer when I don’t feel like having a thick full coverage makeup or when my skin is in good condition with nothing to hide. The Zinc Oxide does offer some SPF protection which is a total plus since I am always concerned about more sun damage at my age. The Medium shade was perfect for me and not too orange or brown. It blended very well with my natural tones which impressed me. I didn’t layer any mineral powder on top since I rather enjoyed the youthful dewy finish it gave me, however I can imagine that a powder on top would set it beautifully and add that extra coverage for those who would like it. The powder is also available on their site. If you naturally have great skin, this product will be fantastic for you to try and use year round. My skin felt so soft and silky, overall I am a happy camper.

Final Thoughts: This stuff is amazing and I would certainly purchase it again. As mentioned, it is lighter coverage, but it’s also very moisturizing and I tend to have dryer skin so this product was wonderful for me. This will be my summer go-to product for sure. If you are looking for an all-natural foundation ( or tinted moisturizer) this foundation will certainly do the trick!

Product Photos: ( taken by La Petite Bohéme)


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