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These days, I’ve been much more aware of chemicals and yuckies used in commercial brand cosmetics especially antiperspirants. Recently there has been some chatter about the chemicals leaching into our lymph nodes and causing increased rates of cancer and health problems. Although some of these claims are not proven, it still does concern me. Having chemicals absorb into my armpits for 30 plus years can’t be good for me right? I was really excited when I received some samples from The Pit Shop Natural Deodorant. I have tried a couple natural brands such as Tom’s and Green Beaver and they never really worked for me. Let’s face it, no one wants to be a stinker. So I converted immediately back to my Secret Solid. The Pit Shop has scents that are suitable for men and women. The Patchouli & Sandalwood has me curious, I love Patchouli! Might pick one of these up for my hubby! Also, there is a formula for sensitive pits that contains no baking soda! Apparently, some people react to baking soda and get irritated pits form it. It is noted that you should probably not apply the deodorant immediatley after shaving your pits. Wait a bit.

The Pit Shop describes their products as:

⤜ Safe, gentle & effective protection against body odour
⤜ Free from aluminium, parabens & alcohol
⤜ Hand-blended with high quality pure organic essential oils
⤜ All natural ingredients – no chemicals!
⤜ Stain-Free formula
⤜ Vegan & Cruelty-Free (tested on humans, not on animals)

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Let’s begin our review…


Source: product sample provided by The Pit Shop

Description: The Pit Shop natural deodorants are free from unhealthy chemicals and aluminum that have been linked to certain cancers and health issues. Vanilla Jasmine offers a lovely warm floral scent with a pinch of sweetness. The deodorant sticks are a good sized 2.5 oz tube.

The ingredients are listed as Organic Coconut Oil, Organic Virgin Shea Butter, Organic Arrowroot Powder, Sodium Bicarbonate (Aluminum-Free),Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth, Candelilla Wax ( Vegan),Organic Vanillin Essential Oil, Organic Jasmine Grandiflorum Essential Oil.

Review: I received the Vanilla Jasmine deodorant stick from the Pit Shop and I can tell you at first whiff when I remove the cap from the container, the scent is just heavenly. The combination of Jasmine and Vanilla together is so pretty and feminine. It’s not so overpowering that it would mask any perfume you wear, but enough to have a gentle light pretty scent. I am going to be honest, I get sweaty. I don’t know if it’s hormones, my body chemistry or whatever, but I tend to sweat even when I am sleeping. I also avoid wearing light color cotton blouses as I was always worried about wet pits showing. I was a little worried when I was asked to try this as I usually have to use a clinical strength product which does contain aluminum and all those nasties. The Pit Shop warned me that most people need to experience a transitional period to purge all the chemicals blocking the pit pores from the commercial brand deodorants and sent me to their site for info on this transition. You can read about it here. The transition might take a couple of weeks. It’s been pretty hot here therefore I was ready to put this pit stick to the ultimate test! The texture to this deodorant is creamy and easy to apply. As I mentioned, the smell is incredible. It took about 1 minute to feel completely dry/absorbed before I put my blouse on. As the morning went on, I am pretty surprised that I didn’t break a sweat and I feel dry. I decided to go for a walk at lunch in the hot weather and I will admit, I did sweat a pinch, but I still did with my other commercial deodorant which is hard to avoid when you are being active in very hot weather. Nothing major though and went I got back inside, I did not smell of BO and I felt dry again. Wow!!!! I think this stuff is working and apparently once your body is finished transitioning, it only gets better! As the day went on, no wetness, no BO and I felt protected. I am excited to come back in 2 weeks and let you know how everything went. The Pit Shop does have a couple little tips for those using natural deodorant:

⤜ If you shave your armpits, we recommend you shave at night and apply deodorant in the morning to avoid irritation.
⤜ If you intend to run a marathon or any other very heavy form of exercise, you may want to re-apply your natural deodorant before/after your workout.

Final Thought: I really need to give this product a couple of weeks to fully test and review. I think I am already a believer in natural deodorants. So far it’s been a couple of days now and this natural deodorant is totally working for me!!!!! I even shaved and applied it immediatley afterwards and no stinging. Stay tuned…and read my review of the cream deodorant below.

Product Photo: ( taken from the Pit Shop website)



Source: product sample provided by The Pit Shop

Description: Our natural cream deodorants are free from unhealthy chemicals and aluminum that have been linked to certain cancers and health issues. Comes in a 2oz glass amber jar and a mini spatula is provided for application. Rose and Ylang Ylang organic essential oils are used for a soft, floral natural scent.

The ingredients are listed as Organic Coconut Oil, Organic Virgin Shea Butter, Organic Arrowroot Powder, Sodium Bicarbonate (Aluminum-Free),Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth, Candelilla Wax ( Vegan),Organic Ylang Ylang Extra Essential Oil, Organic Rose Otto Essential Oil.

Review: What?? Applying a cream deodorant is totally a new concept for me. Guess what….you need to actually touch your pits to apply this stuff. This will be a first for me as I can tell you, my pits are never touched and get no love! Ok so here we go…Upon opening the jar which is a glass 2 oz size, I am immediately taken by the most incredible smell. I thought the Vanilla Jasmine scent was heavenly, but this one far surpasses it and I want to slather myself silly with this scent. It’s gorgeous, soft and intoxicating ( but in a good way, meaning that I can’t stop sniffing my pits trying to get more of it). The combination of rose and ylang ylang together might be the best thing after the smell of fresh bread baking! These are natural organic essential oils creating this scent and not synthetic chemical stuff like commercial brands use. This cream deodorant does come with a mini spatula and I scooped about the amount of a dime into my hand, and rubbed it all over my pit. It blended and absorbed easily and the texture was creamy and smooth.I proceeded on to the next pit. Dare I say it? Touching my pits was not that bad at all. I don’t mind it as much as I thought I would. Afterwards, you wash your hands and you are ready to get dressed. The formula and strength were exactly like the stick product and once again I have remained dry and protected in the summer heat. I didn’t go for a walk today, but I was busy and constantly on the move. I even lifted my pit up and asked a couple of friends to smell them, hahaha!!! I think they are very intrigued by The Pit Shop now. I asked the owners what makes this stuff work so well and they said it was a combination of the baking soda which absorbs odour and the Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth. Huh? I had to go check out their Ingredients List on their site to read about this earth stuff. According to their site…

The scent carrying, odor eliminating properties of diatomaceous earth (DE) make it an effective ingredient for homemade deodorant. It’s a great way to protect against body odour especially for those with very sensitive skin.If you’ve tried homemade deodorants before and have found that even they irritate your skin, don’t give up yet. Diatomaceous earth is almost perfectly PH neutral, meaning it won’t irritate skin that is sensitive to acidic or alkaline level.

Final Thoughts: Love this! I am hooked on cream deodorant. I actually like it better than the stick as I can control the thickness of the product applied and there is something actually pretty cool about adding this to my routine! I also adore the Rose & Ylang Ylang scent too. The owner told me there is a similar natural perfume oil on their site that compliments the deodorants called  FEMME. Overall, I am on day 3 of this stuff and I have not stunk or profusely sweated at all. I feel really good about using a natural deodorant that seems to be working and eliminating commercial products from my beauty routine. I am also going to try the Armpit Detox mask to speed up the transition, but honestly, my transition has been painless. I will purchase this product again and I think it will make cute gifts for Christmas!

Product Photo: ( taken from The Pit Shop website)



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