Janine King Designs Handbag Review

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Not sure why, but I went on a tapestry purse craze.  Yes that’s right, tapestry. Not the kind of granny knitting bag with the kittens all over, but more of a bohemian colourful print. I’m not sure why, but I think I had a vision of an old Monica Lewinsky purse ( yes she used to have a purse collection The Real Monica about 17 years ago) and this invoked my desires for a boho tapestry purse.

These are some of the Monica Lewinsky Handbags.


My source was Etsy as I figured if anyone is making cool tapestry bags with a boho spin on it, Etsy would be the place. Sure enough a couple shops came up when I did my search and I found Janine King Designs who is the #1 handbag seller on Etsy and was featured on The Martha Stewart show. She seems to have something for everyone, not everything is my style, but there are a few bags that are up my style alley and boho inspired. She also sells camera bags, laptop cases, phone cases etc..

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Source: purchased on Etsy myself.

Description: ( as per their Etsy shop) Unique Gypsy Boho Fringe Purse handmade with pride in the USA by Janine King Designs. If you’re looking for an upscale Hippie Bag with vintage Bohemian flair then this is the perfect bag for you. A beautiful tapestry handbag that’s casual and artsy, yet sophisticated too.

* Dimensions: 12” wide x 14″ long (including 2″ fringe).
* Three interior pockets: 2 large pockets and a pen pocket (See diagram picture for dimensions).
* Strap hardware and zipper pull have antique gold finish.
* Shoulder strap adjusts from 22” to 48” allowing for most body types.
* Shoulder strap is fabric (not webbing). Made of sturdy upholstery twill. Strong but not stiff.
* Back of bag is same as front.
* Secure non-scratch zipper closure.
* Heavy duty zipper.
* All stress points are triple stitched and reinforced for durability.

Review: The second I took the this out of the package, I knew that I had scored exactly what I was looking for. This purse totally satisfied my tapestry cravings. The fabric is incredible. It’s a thick woven upholstery fabric with the most beautiful rich colours of pink, gold and black in a floral pattern. The size was just large enough to carry my life in and it had 3 pockets inside for all my shopping receipts and lipsticks! The strap was canvas with an antique gold adjuster ( hardware) and zipper. You can wear this as a shoulder bag or cross body bag. I love that it has a zipper top instead of a snap as I felt secure knowing that my life won’t fall out of this purse. Everything was safe and sound. The black fringe on the bottom was not too long, it was just enough to give it that boho gypsy look that I was going for. I see myself and this purse with some black skinny jeans, a fur vest, floppy hat and boho style jewelry to complete my look. In hindsight, it might have been a little more boho to have some longer fringe, but that’s just my own personal taste. The quality of this bag was top-notch. No shabby sewing or stitching, it’s very well made and all of Janine Kings items are handmade in the USA which is a plus to me.

Final Thoughts: Love this so much! So happy I purchased this!

Product Photo: ( taken by La Petite Bohéme)



Source: purchased on Etsy myself.

Description: Unique Gypsy Boho Fringe Purse handmade with pride in the USA by Janine King Designs. If you’re looking for an upscale Hippie Bag with vintage Bohemian flair then this is the perfect bag for you. A beautiful Jacquard tapestry handbag that’s casual and artsy, yet sophisticated too.

Just the right size to use every day with two generously sized pockets inside plus convenient pen pocket. (See pocket diagram picture). Expansive adjustable shoulder strap allows for wearing cross body style and is long enough for most body types. Secure top zipper closure. Crafted with high quality upholstery fabrics inside and out, this lovely hobo bag is highly durable yet lightweight and comfortable to carry. Rich gold woven medallion design against matte satin black ground. Distressed antique gold hardware and zipper pull add to the vintage look of this charming cross body bag.

Review: This is a pretty cool looking bag. I’ll admit that I thought the fabric was going to be actually tapestry ( the thick upholstery kind) but it was a silkier fabric with the tapestry print. My bad, I didn’t read the description thoroughly. Nevertheless, it’s still really unique and pretty and goes with that boho gypsy vibe. It has a almost Moroccan inspired medallion print which I really fell in love with. This bag in my opinion is more of a Fall/Winter bag due to the rich black and gold print, but could easily be worn to some cool festival like Coachella. Once again, the quality is there, it is well made and sturdy. As per the bag reviewed above, it’s the same size and has the 3 interior pockets and antique gold hardware.

Final Thoughts: I actually haven’t got around to using this bag yet as my staple is my Marc Jacobs Hillier bag, but I do intend to use it this Fall. I really like it, but don’t love it as much as the first one above. Because the fabric is not the thick tapestry, it’s a bit floppier and softer in structure. However, I would purchase this again, the print is really stunning.

Product Photo :( taken by La Petite Bohéme)


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