Borne Cosmetics Review

I am always on the hunt for a fantastic foundation and Borne appealed to me as it was a natural mineral makeup with no added yuckies to it. Trust me, I have a lot to hide. I am paying dearly for those years where I baked in the sun with my baby oil. I am seeking a product that will cover redness from rosacea and some light sun damage. That being said, I also don’t want to feel like I have a 5 inch layer of makeup sitting on my face, I want to look natural.

As worded in their Etsy Shop,  Bourne do not use any synthetic fillers such as Bismuth Oxychloride, Boron Nitride, Talc or preservatives in our cosmetics as found in leading brands. We handcraft all of our products and offer the purest, finest, highest quality cosmetics on the market which provide flawless, healthier skin. Our cosmetics are good for your skin!

Source: Purchased in their shop on Etsy. I ended up buying the Basics Starter Kit which provided a mineral powder foundation, a concealer and a mineral powder blush. It was a great value at only $29.95 for all 3 products.

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Description: This foundation provides full coverage and gives your skin a flawless appearance! It is formulated for all skin types, including dry, sensitive or acne prone skin. It will leave your skin silky soft and smooth.

Review: This mineral foundation powder comes in 14 different shades and a generous sized 30 gram container which lasted me almost 6 months with daily use. I selected Medium Light beige which seemed like a good fit for my skin tone since I’m on the paler side, but certainly not too pale. I was happy to find out that I indeed selected the right shade when I applied it. This is a gorgeous silky lightweight powder that was not chalky or heavy looking. My skin tends to be dry therefore I have to be careful with powders as I don’t want to emphasize any flakes. I did use a pinch of day cream before I applied it and let that absorb for about 5 minutes before I applied the product. You will find a wonderful selection of products in the Borne shop to prep your skin for this foundation. I am super-duper picky about foundation and I have tried high ends mineral powders from Bare Minerals and Jane Iredale therefore I feel my review has some backing. They key to a flawless finish is using a good quality kabuki brush and this product did not disappoint, all I can say is “wow, wow, wow”. Using your kabuki brush, dip it into the little container and tap the brush on your wrist to remove any excess. Using quick circular motions, blend the powder into your skin. The quality is impeccable and the coverage was just right. It hid all my blemished, broken capillaries and sun damage without feeling heavy or cake. I am highly impressed with this product and you can’t beat the price. My skin feels dewy, clear and dare I say younger!

Final Thoughts: Love this! I have since been back for 2 refills. This is my Holy Grail of mineral foundation.


Review: I selected the blush in the shade Tickled Pink. This product comes in 8 wearable shades ( with the cutest names such as Bella, Fairy Glow, Sunkissed Rose) that compliment your skin tone and sit beautifully over the mineral foundation base. It arrived in a 20 gram sized container which is enough to last about a year. Using a blush brush , I applied a little to the apples of my cheek and was impressed by the pigmentation in this product. It was totally natural and have me that perfect pinky peach glow that I wanted. It applied smoothly and evenly and my cheeks felt so soft. It is infused with Argan oil, so that must be doing the trick.

Final Thoughts: Love it, would purchase more in a heartbeat.


Description: ( as per Borne Etsy shop) Our newly formulated Shea Butter Eye Concealer is lightweight and glides on silky smooth. It will not crease and has long lasting wear performance. It provides SPF protection and moisture to your skin while repairing damaged cells. Our formulation is made with premium cosmetic grade, organic ingredients which include Shea Butter, Coconut Oil, Fine Silk, Crushed Pearl, DMAE, Jojoba Oil and Vitamin E Oil. Our cosmetics are non-comedogenic (will not clog pores), gentle and made to suit even the most sensitive skin.Our concealer formulation is great for sensitive skin and sensitive eyes. It is made with pure organic ingredients and does not cause eye irritation.

Review: Once again, Borne has nailed it with silky smooth eye concealer. I have never been one to use concealer under my eyes ( although I am sure I need it for the dark circles) as I always found it gave me a waxy white glow and it all collected in my creases. Well not with this lovely concealer. It applies smoothy and blends very well. I applied this after my mineral foundation and gently patted a small amount under my eyes to set it. The ingredients are amazing and the organic shea butter will work wonders for anti-aging and wrinkles. One thing about Borne, they use natural ingredients that are actually good for you, no yuckies. The formula did not irritate my eyes and nothing gathered in my creased over the long day. I would highly recommend the Basic Starter Kit as all 3 products work beautifully together. It’s a small price to pay for glowing natural looking skin. This one is a winner.

Final Thoughts: We have a winner here! Love it. I do highly recommend purchasing the Basic Starter Kit as all the products compliment each other well and you can’t beat the price for $29.95. Next up I want to try their skin care package with the cleanser, serum and cream. Looks amazing!

Where to Buy:


Product Image: ( taken by La Petite Bohéme) Please note that my products are over a year old so the packaging is not shiny and new and may have been updated by Borne Cosmetics. Concealer is not pictured, but I did have 2 of their eye shadows which I also loved and pictured here.


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