Midnight Gypsy Alchemy Perfume Review

Our first fragrance review! We are thrilled to be feature these incredible perfume oils from Midnight Gypsy Alchemy! Let me start off my saying that the packaging for this brand was incredible. It came in a beautiful black box with a gorgeous label and ribbon. A little card with the scent description was attached. You can tell the owner puts a lot of effort and creativity into her packaging which says a lot to me. Opening her package was such a wonderful experience, total luxury!

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Source: Purchased

Let’s begin our review…

As per their Etsy shop and website, these oils are inspired by the art of ancient alchemy, botanical perfumery and my Spanish Gypsy heritage, I offer handcrafted,natural artisan perfume oils and apothecaries. Unique scented products created to capture a time and place where the beauty of nature and elegance mingle with a sense of gypsy magick,carried upon soft moonlit wings . They are handmade, imaginative offerings that give refuge the kindred gypsy like soul in search of the uncommon.


Description: Captured is a bit of raven mystery in a special blend of dark violet floral spice and berries with essential oils of sensual sweet sandalwood,cinnamon, frankincense and orris root ,violet leaf absolute, infused with blackberry fruit extract, dragons blood resin,orris root ,real blueberries and apples. A complex potion sure to transform your mind as if it were an aromatic spell cast upon you.

Review: As an avid collector, I was intrigued by the most amazing photos in the owners shop and the descriptions had peaked my curiosity. Everyone’s body chemistry is different when using perfume oils and I found these to be more on the “lightly scented” side. They are 100% natural and made to order so I do understand that a natural perfume wears differently then a commercial spray perfume. However, give them time. After a few months, the oil has aged and the potency has indeed become stronger. Not too strong where it is offensive, but the perfect strength that lasted hours and hours. With Raven Spells, I definitely get a stronger violet and orris note and there are other notes that become more apparent during the dry down. The violet is clean and heavenly. I find myself continuously huffing at my wrist wanting more!

I would describe this as a feminine, romantic scent that is clean and more on the floral side. I do get a little more of the fruits towards the end of the dry down. The dragon’s blood and sandalwood make an appearance at about the 10 minute mark. Overall, I am highly impressed and this is like nothing I have smelled before. It is a gorgeous and unique scent. I can envision myself purchasing this as a gift for a girlfriend or my mother. I could see it appealing to all ages as it borders on classic.

Final Thoughts: Love it!


Description: Divine chocolate alchemy at its finest, made by way of oil infusion with the natural chocolate scent of pure cocoa absolute,cocoa butter,essential oils in cardamom,sandalwood and vanilla, infused with cardamom seed and a touch of hand ground coffee . A scent so indulgent and rich one cannot help but to submit to the enticing aroma.

Review: Chocolate Mystique opens with a punch of pure cocoa and freshly ground coffee bean. It has an uplifting aroma that is sure to help wake you up on those sluggish mornings. About 5 minutes into wear, the cardamom starts to develop with a distinct medicinal aroma to it ( but medicinal in a good way) and after about half and hour I get hints of vanilla and a nice light sensual sandalwood lurking in the background. This perfume is not overly sweet, but definitely well-rounded and balanced. The sillage was excellent on this one lasting about 7 hours. Overall, this is not my favourite scent of the two, but would be prefect for someone who loves a good dose of spicy mocha.

Final Thoughts: Interesting, but not my cup of tea as I tend to not like coffee notes in perfume ( although I do LOVE my Starbucks!!). I do appreciate the high quality of this product and the originality of it. It will be a hit for a those who enjoy mocha.

Where to Buy:

Etsy shop


Product Images: ( as taken by La Petite Bohéme)



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